Mission and Vision

Seniors gathering together at Senior Center in Passaic, NJ to paint a colorful mural sponsored by local Fire and Police department.

Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of people in traditional, institutional settings by bringing color and comfort through supervised, interactive, art activities. Changing Images provides “Medicine for the Soul”

Vision Statement

To make hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters among the most beautiful and comforting places, as we all will visit and/or reside in them at some point. To give people who reside in these facilities a voice in their environmental surroundings by allowing them to add their own personal brushstrokes to colorful murals.

Principles and Values

We believe it is important for residents, patients, caregivers, staff to have a voice in their environmental surroundings.

We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words AND well placed murals are worth their weight in gold as an Integral part of the healing process. Murals are an invaluable tool as specific guide points, helping residents in finding their way around a facility. Ex. “My room is across from the iris garden.” and “I can follow the flight of butterflies to the dining room.”

We believe that the supervised, interactive, art activities that we provide to people in traditional institutional facilities make a positive difference in an untold number of peoples' lives – the ones who participate in the actual painting as well as the ones who come along later and view the artwork for years to come.

We believe, and studies have shown, that people who reside in institutional facilities that provide a more home like atmosphere, live longer.

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