The Journey of Hanna Heart

Reviews for "The Journey of Hanna Heart"

“The Journey of Hanna Heart has great use of color and imagery. It helps children going through life’s changes with a spirit of hope and healing. Children will have an increased sense of security as they journey with Hanna knowing no matter what new experiences they encounter they can return to the familiar people and places that are family and home”. – Seth Berkowitz, CCLS Child Life Specialist Children’s Hospital of Michigan

“The value of art lies within the lives that it touches not the money it commands. At the most critical time, Arlene Sullivan has touched the lives of thousands of children and their families. It makes both her and the story priceless.” - Dr. David Bollard, D.O. President Sparta Medical Associates

“A remarkable sensitive tale with universal appeal, dealing with feelings, friendship and love.” – Renee’Gilbert, Montville United Methodist Nursery School

“Here is an exquisite gem of a book in every sense of the word. Its heartfelt message and vibrantly colored illustrations will totally captivate adults and children alike.” – Denise Tarsitano, Editor Rising Star, Books for the Growing Child

“A book of friendship, caring and sharing. Take a trip with Hanna as she travels from the comfort of her home to the frigid north, the bottom of the ocean and eventually and exotic island. At each destination she encounters individuals who are concerned about her well-being and generously offer to share a little bit of themselves with her. To Hanna’s delight, she eventually is rescued and returned to the security of her family and friends. Young children will enjoy using her vibrant illustrations to create their own stories. Older children will find comfort in reading about the adventures of Hanna and connecting them with their own lives.” –

JoAnnHino, Ed.D, Associate Professor, Arizona State University

“An endearing story that children of all ages can enjoy. Hanna the heart lives on a tree of hearts and gets blown off her tree. She meets many animals along her journey home. Each animal lends a hand to the lost heart. Hanna enjoys learning about her new friends. All children can relate to the fear of being away from home and all the securities and comforts that come from returning home. Children love to hear this story and delight in the happy ending when Hanna finds her way home. The story opens many classroom discussion about meeting new people and understanding that we can learn from each other’s differences. Each page brings a bright and cheery vision of Hanna’s experiences – drawing in all readers young and old.” Tina Karnitsky, 1st grade teacher, Montville, NJ