Changing Images Mission Statement

Volunteer With Us

The Changing Images Art Foundation works with the patients, residents, staff, family members, etc. at hospitals and nursing homes to bring color and comfort into institutional settings. Many of the projects are also completed with the help of volunteers from community service organizations or local corporations. Check out these great ways you can help spread “Medicine for the Soul” with the Changing Images Art Foundation Volunteer opportunities.

Butterfly and Fish Kits

Butterflies and fish are amazing creatures and a natural beauty in our world. Our kits special help to channel their naturally colorful beauty and interject that into institutional settings. Each fish or butterfly kit includes 50 pre-drawn butterflies or fish, as well as the paint and brushes to bring them to life. And then it’s up to you to add your own personal brushstrokes. Once completed, the fish and butterflies are returned to be professionally finished and then can either be returned or donated on to facilities in need to bring life and color to the dreary and bleak walls.


Our canvases are a great way to bring the fresh air of the outdoors, inside to patients, residents and caregivers. The Canvas Kit is comprised of 6 – 18”x24”  pre-drawn canvases and includes non-toxic paint. You with your staff, team or friends work to paint in the beautiful scene (it can be color coded if you wish). Upon completion, the canvases can be returned to be professionally finished and returned or it can be donated on to a hospital or nursing home of your choice. The canvases are a fun way to spread color and light throughout a room.  They can also be used the perfect corporate team building event.


Well placed artwork is a great way to spread color and light in any setting. Murals done with The Changing Images Art Foundation provide a breathe of fresh air with their varied themes from exotic jungles, calming gardens, to beautiful aquatic scenes. Completed murals that are scattered in and around where patients, residents and caregivers reside and work provide “Medicine for the Soul” to all who come upon them unexpectedly in an often colorless facility.


Share the Love

The Changing Images Art Foundation has joined hands with over 4,000 volunteers to date, on a variety of projects since beginning their mission in 1997. Our volunteer opportunities help bring together the team, group or organization as well as bring color and comfort through the artwork they create based on discussions with the people who are most affected. Click here to learn more about how you can join Changing Images to spread “Medicine for the Soul”.

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