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Changing Images Mission Statement

Our Mission

Changing Images Art Foundation, Inc. was co-founded in 1997; we are a non-profit, 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization dedicated to bring comfort and color to people, both young and old, who are in traditional institutional settings. By providing a supervised, interactive art activity, we are able to transform bleak, empty walls into colorful surroundings, leaving each facility with professional looking murals that they help create. This unique and dynamic idea of involving everyone; patients, residents, family members, staff, and volunteers is “Medicine for the Soul”.

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Our Story

We have begun a journey to bring beauty where colorful, engaging designs are needed to lift the spirit and heal the body and the soul,” says Arlene RB Sullivan, Executive Director/ Artist of Changing Images Art Foundation. Changing Images transforms facilities from bleak to unique with professionally finished murals.

Sullivan’s first inspiration came when her youngest child was hospitalized at two weeks of age and she spent two months in the intensive care unit with him. A former art teacher, she was depressed that the only things that surrounded the patients in the unit were scary machinery, wires, tubing and beige, blank walls. “After a while, you start to adjust your breathing to the beeps. The hospital itself and the medical staff were excellent but the atmosphere was not very cheerful or comforting,” says Sullivan.

After working with an organization and painting murals for 6 years, Sullivan partnered with two other parents in 1997 to work on her first mural for Changing Images. In just a few years, she was working with over 4,000 volunteers. Changing Images, soon celebrating its 20th anniversary, has created paintings of colorful inspiration found in various schools, shelters, nursing homes and medical facilities around New Jersey, New York, throughout the country, and around the world.

Changing Images Arlene Sullivan

About the Artist

Arlene RB Sullivan cofounded the Changing Images Art Foundation, Inc. in 1997 along with partners Mary Ann Martello and Georgann Novak.  

Georgann and MaryAnn have moved on to other pursuits, Arlene continues the mission to provide Medicine for the Soul!

Memberships, Accomplishments, and Awards:

  • 2014 WCBS FM Interview w/Deb Gordon
  • 2013 Philadelphia University Centennial Educators Award
  • 2013 Informational Webinar for NOFSW
  • 2012 Invited to speak at Fordham University – Arts for a Change
  • 2012 NY103.5 WKTU Cares interview w/Cindy Vero

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Arlene RB Sullivan

Arlene RB Sullivan

The Journey of Hanna Heart

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The Journey of Hanna Heart

The Journey of Hanna Heart

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